Her Story 

Dena Artista Helling is an East Bay native artist and photographer. While working primarily with digital photography and graphic design, Dena pushes her creative boundaries across mediums. Known best for her bold use of color and texture, Dena is inspired by the dualities in contrast such as: urban decay and organic matter. She attributes her undying curiosity to her love affair for visual arts.

Early on, Dena recalls being mentored by her mother, fellow craftswoman and painter by trade. Over the years as her skills developed, she took to the digital arts mastering Photoshop on a ‘bubble back,’ G3 iMac in a pilot graphic design program. A lucky one of six, Dena attended a Summer Program for high school Graphic Design students at Menlo Park College with the yearbook team. Dena found her niche, diving head first between the intersection of art and technology, mixing mediums old and new.

Dena's adventurous spirit led her to the melting pot of Honolulu, Hawaii. Determined to chase new opportunity, Dena spent her college years in Oahu exploring its elegant beauty amidst the pockets of weathered, urban cityscapes. She found herself supporting other local entrepreneurs and fellow creatives alike with the then budding social media presence as an event photographer and graphic designer.

Today, Dena is a certified tech guru in San Francisco, environmental advocate & professional creative. Dena's dynamic style and vibrant personality bleeds through each thoughtfully curated and colorful piece. Blending analog elements in our progressively digital world, Dena has produced and lead workshop events empowering others through art and technology as one of the many face of Apple’s Today At Apple sessions. Dena has curated art shows and displayed her own works as a resident and guest artist in San Francisco, Emeryville, Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, Honolulu and Pupukea, HI.

Earlier this year, Dena was faced with the overwhelming discovery of an ovarian tumor. After the fight of her life, Dena continues to be cancer-free and thriving in Oakland, creating more meaningful and visually daring works now more than ever before.

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Oakland, CA 94601



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